Sheffield Beer Week Collaboration

Written by critterwill on March 5, 2017

Lemon Powered Spaceship

At a year old, we still hadn’t done a collaboration brew with another brewery, so with Sheffield Beer Week (13th-19th March) not too far away, we decided it was about time! Jules from Hop Hideout who organises Sheffield Beer Week spoke to us about teaming up with HopJacker (Dronfield), which we thought was a great idea! Edd who runs HopJacker has managed some of the Thornbridge pubs and I (Will) used to be on the Thornbridge brew team, so we’ve known each other for years and share the same passion for great beer. We also decided to get Jon from the White Lion involved, as he’s holding a small beer festival at his pub, and you can find both HopJacker and Little Critters beers in his atmospheric Heeley pub on a regular basis.

So between myself, Edd, Jules and Jon, we decided that an easy drinking 5.0% pale ale was the way forward. We threw some ideas about additions to make it a bit more unique and Edd suggested using some Lemongrass, to make it a bit more lemony and refreshing, on top of that, we settled on using some Lemon peel to add a moreish, citrusy bitterness. As far as hops go, we used a healthy amount of Kazbek and Centennial; both lemony hops to finish our game of lemon bingo.







Tasting notes for the beer:

A golden beer with an orange hue, featuring aroma of candied lemon, sherbet and lemongrass. On the palate you get pleasantly pithy bitter lemon, lemon peel and bready malts that goes from being fresh and lively upfront, followed by a moreish citrusy bitterness with a long lasting taste of the kazbek and centennial hops.

As for the name, Jules came up with Lemon Powered Spaceship as a nod to “Red Dwarf” episode Lemons, and Jon from the White Lion designed the retro looking pump clip, which we’re really pleased with.

We hope you enjoy the beer as much as we enjoyed making it! Look out for it in venues across the city over the next couple of weeks.